Not all Treasure is Silver and Gold

Published in Branding on Feb 22, 2020 by Tim Marner®

Now we're not talking about going out breaking the law, getting bummed in a barrel, robbing, or murdering people. We're talking about your brand doing things differently, creating a mutiny and being a disruptor in the sector that you work. Breaking rules and remaking rules to make things better, fairer, faster and sicker for your crew.

Rules Are Only Useful to a Point

There’s a reason sailors were drawn to the pirate movement of the 17th century as a means to escape the DEHUMANISING work of merchant shipping.

The pirate code meant that every man and woman had a vote in affairs of the moment, had equal share to the fresh provisions and could use them at their pleasure unless a scarcity made it necessary, decisions were made FOR THE GOOD OF ALL.

Be Your Own Captain

Let your business follow no rules, or leaders, the idea is to inspire each other, for the good of your brand.

For pillaging and plundering sake don’t get caught fitting in the middle because you think or the captain of HMS Sell Out has told you that’s where the fame and money is.

Be a pirate, it’s miles more rewarding and fun living on the edges.

Yo Ho #ItsAPiratesLifeForUs

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