Brand is Everything

Published in Branding on Oct 05, 2019 by Tim Marner®

Know Yourself

People seem to be confused about the relevance of branding, especially among startups and small businesses looking to find their feet in an insanely competitive business world.

Small businesses remain blinded by the assumption that brands are exclusively for the 'big' dogs who have access to massive ass budgets and nationwide recognition.

As a result, they sign their fate by coming up with fancy looking business cards, a jazzy logo and a website made in Wix.

Considering that it is small businesses and personal brands that need to leverage branding more than their big dog counterparts, this seems crazy.

Let's break it down for you.

Know yourself and your audience, and you'll find that sweetest spot of what's unique and weird about you, and what your audience loves about you.

This is how the most influential brands are created.

And then you can create a logo and get some fancy business cards.

• Deliver your message clearly and in a nutshell.
• Build an emotional connection with your audience.
• Generate good vibrations and loyalty only.

Cannot tell you how many times we've worked with clients big and small, famous and not, who have no real understanding of their brand. They knew their name and logo, but when it came to what they stood for, what their clients need from them, and what kinds of messages they were sending, things get dicey real quick.

Your brand needs to live and breathe its story.

Understand what yours is.

Brand is everything.

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