Why Are Skaters Obsessed With Dickies?

Published in Culture, Life & Style on Aug 04, 2021 by Tim Marner®

To Catch You Up...

Dickies is an American workwear brand, set up in 1922. They are known for their sturdy workwear thats built to last. Dickies has always been famous for its quality and toughness.

The brand gained such a reputation for their insane heavy-duty items that, during World War II, the US Government had them produce millions of khaki uniforms for the armed forces.

In the 1960s, Dickies mastered their signature fabric blend, setting a high standard for their legendary “indestructible” clothing.

Around the early 90s, Dickies became extremely popular with skateboarders, and is still a big part of skate culture today. Dickies trousers are pretty much the standard uniform for skaters.

So Why Do Skaters Wear Dickies?

Skaters first started wearing the brand because of the low cost and strong material. Dickies also has this sense of authenticity which skaters LOVE.

Trips and falls are a huge part of skating, even for super experiences riders. Dickies trousers are perfect for skaters; they’re baggy and the material is hardwearing. This means you can skate freely, without being restricted from doing awesome tricks. A bonus is that Dickies clothing looks pretty fucking cool.

The brand is a major part of skateboard culture, they actually take advice from skaters when designing new items. They also sponsor skate teams and events around the world... the skate community loves Dickies!

Skateboarding Fashion

Dickies was one of the first workwear brands to become fashionable, it was made cool by skateboarders. In fact, skate culture really influenced fashion trends over the years.

Skaters will wear whatever the hell they want, but you might catch them in baggy Dickies trousers and oversized shirts. You skate better if you're not restricted...and they look sick! They also wear accessories like wallet chains, scruffy trainers and beanies. This skater style is kind of in right now.

Nowadays, everyone is starting to wear Dickies, big celebs like Kanye West, Bella Hadid and A$AP Rocky have been spotted styling the brand. Mr. West was actually seen wearing a £30 Dickies jacket at the 2019 Met Gala.... we think he looked better than Kim.

Dickies Skateboarding Collection

Dickies has always been popular with skaters but they have FINALLY released a skate collection. After years of being known as the most elite skatewear brand... this drop was way overdue!

The skate shop has a range of pants in some of sick new colours! We love the insane new sweaters in this range.

Dickies Has Our Approval!

We think what makes Dickies so cool is the fact that they aren’t a real fashion brand. Their clothes are for heavy duty labour! But rocking workwear as a stylish outfit looks pretty badass.

Dickies have really stayed true to their customers; they have to be one of the most genuine brands out there.

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