Claire Partington - Artist Profile

Published in Design Inspiration on Feb 25, 2019 by Tim Marner®

Big Up Claire

This is the work of Claire Partington, living and working in London she’s got pieces in collections all over the show. Her pieces are all meticulously hand built, using traditional ceramic techniques. They are coil built, then the shape is refined before adding surface decorations of sprigged (press molded) ephemera and modern computer generated enamel decoration over the glaze. In her own words her art is the exploration of power, status, character types and the retelling and misinterpretation of stories. For us we love the blending of styles, modern stereotypes with classical styled sculptures and styles. (See two Venus sculptures for art jealousy)

You can see her IG HERE

You can see her Website HERE

Big up Claire, we’re loving your work. If you’ve got any spare feel free to send it to us!

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