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Published in Reviews on Feb 10, 2016 by Tim Marner™

"So Tim has a new website, unsurprisingly he asked if I could give him a testimonial to mark the big occasion and beyond. Of course I said yes, but being very busy and working stacked hours a couple of weeks went by and I still hadn’t got round to writing it. When I spoke to Tim a couple of weeks later he didn’t mention the testimonial at all and actually decided to take the afternoon off and come and meet me, nip out have a wander and chat about the birds and the bees…. Or something like that!

 Since the start of the business, there have been good times and the not so good times, I’m sure everyone has been there, but right from inception it was Tim I turned to, firstly in an effort to create a brand like no other, then as an ongoing source of information and brand direction. This most recent time was to just take time out from the busy schedule and ‘chill’, during our conversations a lot of things were put into perspective, and as a result the brand direction reemphasized and re-energised once again. Throughout the course of the afternoon there was no mention of the testimonial whatsoever, and so the reason why I ended writing this wonderful array of words for you is not because I have been asked to, nor because I particularly wanted to waffle on for a number of paragraphs either, but because I felt I owed it to the man, the man whom without his insight we could never have got this far in the first place, a person that goes the extra mile and beyond for his clients.

 Trust me when I say, if you believe and trust Tim Marner with your business or concept then you will go for many extra miles than you could have possibly imagined too!"

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