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Published in Reviews on Sep 10, 2015 by Tim Marner™

"We were two months in, things were going very well for a brand new tattoo studio. Confidence was slowly growing within the business and so was our clientele. We were completely happy with the way things were going at this point. Then we met Tim Marner.

We did our usual bespoke consultation and started his very unique and inspiring sleeve work. During our regular 'Tat and Talk' sessions we bonded well with on both creative and personal levels. Coming from a tattooist, its rare to work with someone with similar creative outlook that doesn't piss you off. Tim saw more potential in us than we ever would have. This resulted in his personal interest transforming our (once) little studio in the small town of Mossley into the most talked about, newly established Tattoo and Mural studios to come out of Greater Manchester. With thanks to an amazing website with unbelievable content, branding and social networking tools, some of which helped massively along by some of Tims friends with mad skills (you know who you are!).

It doesn't stop there. We are constantly bouncing off each other with amazing new projects to launch us into world domination. Honestly if I wasn't so stubborn I'd let him loose on the whole project and the company would be EVEN MORE better off (but NO Tim, I won't shoot a porno in my studio haha).

We are now (still only) nine months in. In these nine short months we have made astonishing progress,  groundbreaking discoveries about what we are capable of and finally, one shit hot brudda called Tim!! (and thats from the HEART)"

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