Julia Knightley

Published in Reviews on Sep 06, 2017 by Tim Marner™

"I had a vision of where I wanted my business to be, and an idea about its identity but I couldn't articulate it or visualise it, plus I had no idea what the hell I was doing!  I needed help and I needed it fast, cue Tim Marner and the elite team (AKA saveyourfrigginlifeteam). From the start of the project and way beyond, Tim and the guys have been amazing! He just knew exactly where I was coming from, my style, my audience, etc! Now I have an amazing successful business that truly reflects everything I envisaged and more! This, I believe, is down to Tim! I don't know where I'd be now without their help! (Actually I do, probably at the Job Centre!). I can't thank them enough, if you're looking for your business to be truly unique and successful you will not get better direction than from Tim Marner, three small words sum it all up, bloody fantastic darling."

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