Maria Patricia

Published in Reviews on Jul 13, 2017 by Tim Marner™

"They don't make them like Tim anymore… "broke the mould" as they say. This is a guy we met up to have a tattoo removal at our clinic. For some reason, he took an interest in us. Started giving us ideas on improving our business, getting more exposure and expanding. Everything he said was good, he kept pushing, nudging us along to implement changes he advised, even came to update and chat on the progress late one evening I thought to myself, there must be an angle here... That's the whole point with Tim, there is no angle. He IS pure and simple a really nice, generous, extremely talented guy. Within days the changes he suggested to our website, appearance and image are bearing fantastic results Tim's profile pic embodies what he is, and what I will aspire to... honest, caring, generous as well as professional, intelligent, and a trustworthy friend. Blessed to know him, a real gem."

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