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Just like passing a beautiful woman on the street, good branding makes you stop and look. Great branding means you’ll remember her for a few hours later. Exceptional branding? Well, let’s just say you won’t be able to get her out of your mind, and you will be searching everywhere.

With us by your side, we'll get you your perfect partner in no time at all, with no unwanted distractions from potential rivals or unwelcome exes. Branding for your business is like courting: we are going to make you look attractive and then find out what your target wants, when they want it, how much they need and teach you how to deliver it to them using only the most relevant tricks. Make them happy and they’ll be drawn to you. Maybe even love you. Did we say courting? We meant stalking.

Logo and Corporate Identity

Logos are the visual corner stones of any great brand. It is the first touch point any potential customer has with your brand, and it needs to work across a wide range of media in the real world. Whether that's on the side of a van, on the back of your business card or on a huge billboard, your logo needs to connect with people and establish an emotional connection for people to remember you. Once recognised, this mood and tone must be sustained across your entire brand identity. It's all about making people feel something.

Tone of Voice

A tone of voice is not what you say, but how you say it. It's about the words you choose, and how you use them. Does your brand speak correct English or does it use slang? Your tone of voice dictates all of your brand's copy, including its website, social media messages, emails and packaging. Your brand's tone of voice expresses how your brand thinks and feels, adding personality and character to your brand, allowing your audience to connect with you and your business.

Brand Story

Every good brand needs its own story. It's not just a summary of how your business came to be, it's giving your customers a reason to buy from you, otherwise, you're just another business. A good brand story builds a connection with people, generating loyalty and a meaningful relationship with your business its customers. The modern marketplace can become a very saturated place and people won't always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.

Brand Personality

Your brand personality is what your brand will be known for. It's your brand's very own personality traits that customers, partners, and employees use to describe the company. Whether your brand is funny, flirty, moody or arrogant you are differentiating yourself from your competitors and giving your customers a reason to buy from you. A good personality brings your brands characteristics to the forefront and it's these little idiosyncrasies and quirks that people can identify and align with.

Brand Promise

Your brand promise The ONE most important thing that the business promises to deliver to it's customers — Every time! It's a one-line summary that sums up exactly what customers and partners should expect from every interaction with your brand. A brand promise is a natural extension of your brand's beliefs and values, summing up the essence of your brand in one simple line. It is your mission statement, your message to the world and the reason people should choose you over the competition.

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