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Published in Services on Dec 09, 2017 by Tim Marner®

Your brand and your product need to be found. It's that awesome, people need to know where to look for it, and how to get what they're looking for. In the big digital world we live in, that's done by pretty much one main thing. You fire up a huge engine that searches right across the world, looking in millions of places to find what you need. A search engine. To get to the top of that search engine, so you're the first, most important, most prominent, best looking prospective to date, you need great digital presence. Hence why you're here.

Responsive Website Design

In today's digital world there is a whole host of devices, big and small, for people to jump online and check out your business's website. Our websites are created completely bespoke on our very own Tim Marner platform, built from the ground up including a wide range of features. Every site is fully responsive, so no matter if you're customers are using a desktop computer, laptop or smart phone, your website will be truly universal. You're welcome.

E-Commerce Websites

The 21st century is built on convenience. Why battle through terrible traffic and brave horrible weather to stand in a long queue when you can kick back in the comfort of your home and do your shopping online? With one of our bespoke E-commerce websites, your customers can buy from you in just a few simple clicks. Our simple CMS system takes the stress out of adding and managing your products.

Search Engine Optimisation

It's hard to stand out in a crowd full of people, especially when they offer exactly the same as what you do. Luckily, people these days are quite lazy and tend to buy the first option they stumble across. With our tailored SEO, we make sure your business sails through the ranks, making you appear at the top of any google search.

Content Management System (CMS)

Every website we build comes with its very own CMS System. Fresh content is essential for any site, whether that's photos, videos or products. Constant content keeps your site looking fresh and up to date, giving your customers a reason to come back. Our CMS system is built with you in mind, taking us out of the equation and allowing you to manage your website yourself with our user-friendly, simple interface.

Web and E-Mail Hosting

Any website needs its own digital space to call home. With web and email hosting at Tim Marner we open up your website to a world wide web full of potential customers. From registering your own private domains to setting up your emails, we make sure everything runs smoothly when it comes to your digital empire. Furthermore, our 24/7 support and aftercare makes sure if anything goes wrong we're there to help every step of the way.

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