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Branding Agency Manchester | Tim Marner | Blaboon Logo

Blaboon came to us for something a little different when it came to branding their Podcast show up that had started to gain traction on various platforms. Their show covered everything and anything that was current, relevant and in the public eye, give these guys a topic and they could blabber on about it for hours in their own quirky and distinctive way. The great thing about these guy was they weren't afraid to put their thoughts out there, no matter how controversial, quirky or just downright stupid.

Building on these little quirks and idiosyncrasies we created Blaboon, a brand that loves to talk and loves to be different. We kept the logo fairly simple using a nice typeset design, reflecting the guys bold and straight to the point nature. Highlighting the two O's in red, we created a nice focal point and introduced the baboons nose (or ass depending on your outlook) element into the logo which we utilised as a graphical component throughout the branding.

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