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The birth of the internet opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities to people right across the globe, making it viable to communicate with someone on the other side of the planet in a matter of seconds. But, like with anything, good is usually accompanied by bad. The birth of social media and online gaming also gave life to internet trolls and cyber bullies, making the internet a particularly treacherous place for many people, young and old. This is where GAMR Network was born, a community brought together through their love of video games to offer a safe place for people to play together, make friends and showcase their skills without fear of abuse and harassment. 

The GAMR logo focuses on the concept of community. Taking inspiration from bees and how they work so productively as a community to thrive and survive, we decided to place the text of our logo in a hexagon. This represented a single 'cell' of a hive and the individuals that make up GAMR. For our brand font, we chose a bold and expressive san serif typeface that reflected the GAMR ethos and its no-nonsense approach to cyberbullying which is complemented perfectly by the brands colour scheme, the simple black and white. Taking the outline shape of our logo we created the GAMR brand pattern, showing how all the individuals come and fit together to create something truly outstanding. Utilising varying tones of black, we bring a nice technological and futuristic feel to the brand, giving it a modern and contemporary quality that any potential GAMR would find attractive.  

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