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Finding the Best Car Deals for You

Contract Cars are the caring sort you see, the ones who look after their friends, and do whatever they can to help. You won’t find them being pushy or underhanded because they want to make sure you have a memorable, enjoyable experience.

Clear, bold and straight to the point. Contract Cars logo is just like their brand. Their name is immediately clear, so you know exactly what they do, standing tall and easily read. Contract Cars. That’s who they are and what they do. Cars stand out in a bold orange colour, because they’re not masculine or feminine, they’re for everyone, and they want you to know they love cars. They love looking for cars for all their customers, as you can see from their avatar it’s the two orange C’s of Contract Cars side by side, facing each other to form a door that’s inviting you in for a chat. It’s a new set of wheels waiting for you, ready for you to drive away with your perfect car - whether that’s the small wheels or big wheels - your choice. And it’s also a set of binoculars - or a large, focused pair of eyes - searching out the best deals for you.

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