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Mad About Fitness

What if the training facilities and institutions you need don’t currently exist? You have to create your own. So there was only one thing for it. Uniting their experience and expertise, sharing their passion, commitment and dedication, we created FITASYLUM.

As soon as you first see the logo, you see the brand name immediately. FITASYLUM. It’s right there, shouting at you, energetic and dynamic. It doesn’t hide behind anything - it’s proud of what it is, what it stands for, and what it delivers. The font is strong and bold, a classic no-nonsense black. There’s no messing around here. It’s forward facing, sprinting off from the starting blocks, committed to the goal, and already reaching for the finish line. Similarly, the avatar full of energy and already leaning towards a positive future, with the boxed F representing a packaged programme or course to help you reach your goals.

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