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Embrace Your Inner Geek

Now Skills know it’s cool to be a geek and know your stuff. They’re recognised for their geekiness and their skills are appreciated. You wish you could know what they know because you can see their success and accomplishment - and you want it too!

If you know anything about IT - you’ll immediately recognise the Now Skills logo, in one way or another. To some it’s a key on the keyboard, rounded around the edges, with the letters standing out and waiting to be tapped as you input a line of code. To others, it’s an app icon on your phone, a new and exciting programme that’s ready to be explored. And it can be you who creates it - just click to get started. It's big, bold and in your face, delivered in a suite of colours equally as eye-catching. In a computer world full of irrelevant information and data, Now Skills stops you scrolling in your tracks.

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