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The first thing that springs to your mind when someone mentions Johnny Goggles is his undeniable style. Think of him as a trend setter. He has that look that’s quirky and totally unique, something that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. He’s almost like a walking contradiction that leaves you wondering how someone can look so cool wearing things that are categorically described as uncool.

Johnny found himself consistently frustrated with the lack of variety found in the UK optometry market. Nobody wanted to think outside the box, every optician stocked the same boring products and every business was trying to beat each other over the head with the lowest prices they could offer. It was here that he decided to up sticks and get out of the confinement of our small island to experience what else was out there.

In the heart of Liverpool One, a city filled with culture, Johnny Goggles Eyewear Boutique gives people a better experience and a different look when looking for undeniably beautiful and completely timeless eyewear.

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