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Death to all Demons

In 674 AD, there was a young knightress know as Lerowin King who roamed the ancient lands of Ireland. She was trained by her father, Xalvador King, in the art of demon slaying, a trade passed down the King family from generation to generation.

The story goes that Lerowin was riding out of Kings Castle toward Donegal with her father one evening and in the distance, they could see the town and Donegal castle ablaze with a huge figure dessemating the small town. Her father, Xalvador entered the blaze but only to come face to face with a ignision demon. His plan to lure it away from the town in an effort to save the remaining Donegal villagers. 

Fighting side by side, the Kings led the Demonic beast back to Kings Castle to fight the beast toe to toe. A great battle insued and the demon seemed all but invincible. Xalvador managed to ground the beast but at the cost of his own life. It was at this moment that Lerowin stared straight into the beasts eyes as she drew back The Dawn Bringer, and drove the sword straight through the demons skull.

And that's how the Kings Castle emblem logo was born.

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