Sneik-iD Logo

The Sneik-iD logo brings a cool and contemporary tone and combines it with a classic style to create a truly timeless identity. Utilising the hyphen from our brand name, we have created an avatar that at first glance appears to focus on the letter ‘D’, a nice nod and wink back to the Deakins brand that founded it. 

Take a closer look and you can see the hyphen is actually the ‘i’ from ‘iD’ on it’s side, created cleverly by using negative space. You might not see all the intricacies of the logo at first glance, but that’s the beauty of this logo. Just like the Sneik-iD footwear, it’s a statement without making a statement.

If your dream Saturday would be jumping in the DeLorean, throwing on some Duran Duran and heading down to Flynns for an afternoon of beers, football and arcade classics like Pac-Man and Space Invaders with the boys, then Sneik-iD is the footwear for you. 

No doubt the 80’s were influential in sculpting our target market through childhood and their teenage years, but the 90’s were certainly responsible for ‘The Good Times’, even if they can’t remember most of it. No doubt rave culture and drugs were a necessary part of our audiences transition into adulthood, and Sneak-iD respects this part of the journey as it was certainly character defining. However it’s not something that as a brand they choose to focus on, but when they do talk about it, it’s only in their most trusted circles.

The fact that Sneik-iD has such a great understanding of their target market ensures that their footwear perfectly hits the mark for their customers. This creates a feeling of exclusivity, essentially establishing a culture of like minded people around the brand and the shoes. 

Rather than making hundreds of styles of shoes in thousands of different colours to try to capture the entire marketplace, Sneik-iD hang their hat on a carefully selected range of shoes made specifically with one audience in mind. In a marketplace full of sheep, Sneik-iD is hungry like the wolf.

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