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What's in a Name

The Bear: Strong willed, intelligent, and one of the most gentle, affectionate and tolerant animals in the natural world. Bearfaced: Open and honest, sometimes to the point of brashness. Nothing artificial, nothing fake. Clear, clean cut, and wearing your heart on your sleeve. Most of all, REAL. Together they make Bearfaced.

Let's strip it right back. Good and honest food delivered directly to you, nothing artificial, and nothing fake. There was a certain aspect of transparency that the client wanted to achieve that isn’t around today; they wanted to invite their customers on the journey with them as their farmers’ hand-picked their fruit and vegetables. Getting to know names, and invite everyone they met into their growing family, not only that everybody has that one cute little bear at home that they just can't bear to part with! And so you have it, a pepper for a nose, an apple for an ear and the Bearfaced Bear is born.

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