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Victoria and Sarah have always loved to travel, to meet new people and experience new things. Always keeping an open mind and enjoying life. They believe strongly that you have to fuel your body and mind with the right nutritious food in order to be the very best you can be. But what they are truly passionate about is taking this mentality and bringing it to children, educating them on the importance of nutrition and giving them the best possible start for a successful future.

Together, Victoria and Sarah bring the brands personality to life, always working professionally but having fun and not taking themselves too seriously at the same time. They have a quirky and lovable sense of humour that connects with people and draws them in to interact with the brand. There’s almost an imperfect perfection about the brand. It’s raw and authentic. But most importantly, it’s real.

So when it came to renaming the brand, we asked ourselves what is it that Victoria and Sarah do? And the answer is quite simple. They prepare healthy food for your kids from their kitchen. So without further ado... Welcome to Kidchen.

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