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Slice Slice Baby to go...

Mother Ducker Cakery was created for Helen Ducker, a mother of two who suffers from Celiac disease, an immune disease that is triggered by eating gluten and wheat. Helen was sent from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor in search of a diagnosis and treatment that could ease her suffering with the condition. At the worst points of illness, Helen was confined to a wheelchair and the disease started to have a massive impact on her day to day life.

Now if you’ve ever tried gluten free cake before you’ll know two things. Number one, they’re usually dryer than Ghandi’s flip flop and number two, they generally taste like ass! Luckily for you, Mother Ducker has the answer. 

Creating the brand Mother Ducker for Helen has established not just a place to buy great tasting cake, but a platform to educate people on how to change their diets for the better and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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