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Empire Cartridges Logo

Made by Shooters, For Shooters

The focal point of the Empire Cartridges logo is the very graphical brand icon, Empire Cartridges very own shotgun shell, modelled on the top-down view of a cartridge.

Using perfect concentric circles emanating from the central primer gives the icon a nice geometric look and feel. Focus closely on the inner and outer detailing of our cartridge and you can see they are in fact the ‘E’s’ from Empire that has been slightly modified to also imitate a graphical crown, further building on the Empire concept.

The multiple layers of the logo almost make the icon look like a target as well, subliminally communicating that Empire Cartridges hit the mark every time. The icon also has the feel of a certain galactic logo seen in a galaxy far far away... adding a nice personal element to the Bond's brand icon.

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