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A Place To Stay And Play

Poochie Gang understands that every dog is an individual and has their own wants, needs and preferences. Does your dog like to have the TV on when they go to sleep? What’s their favourite treats? This is where Poochie Gang begins to separate itself in the market place by taking their level of care that one step further than it’s competitors.

The Poochie Gang logo utilises the oscine fonts rounded, soft and playful nature to give us an insight into the brands nature straight away. Cleverly utilising the two ‘g’s of ‘gang’ as a dogs legs we create a nice silhouetted dog icon incorporated within the logo. Look closely and you can see we’ve positioned the dogs head so it appears our little character is sniffing the bottom of the ‘p’ of Poochie. We carefully constructed the tail of our very own pooch so it flows nicely underneath the ‘e’ following the curves of the font and balancing up the logo perfectly.

Owners are always going to have reservations about leaving their poochies with strangers, but that’s why people go to Poochie Gang, because they don’t feel like strangers, they feel like friends.

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