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What's the Story?|Tim Marner Creative Agency Manchester

What's the Story?

It's not good to tell you too much right away. What would we talk about when we first meet, and we definitely don't want to come off too keen right? If you really want to dig deep into the mind of Tim Marner and find out who we are, you just need to come and have a chat. We don’t just see the little things. Attention to detail is important, yes, but it’s useless without a guiding hand and an overall insight into how everything fits together seamlessly. We see the whole picture. Big and small.

Marner Stop Daydreaming|Tim Marner Creative Agency Manchester

Marner Stop Daydreaming

Looking back it was that moment Tim was looking out the classroom window with his teacher glaring down at him, that Tim knew not only did he want to do something different with his life, he HAD to do something different. And look at us now. We daydream for a living. Because by daydreaming, we can come up with some incredible ideas and creative concepts, some super cool branding, awesome art direction, and wow factor photography images, that you're not going to find anywhere else.

Do Something You Love|Tim Marner Creative Agency Manchester

Do Something You Love

It’s why we get up every day with a smile on our faces. Why would we bother getting up otherwise? Tim used to work for big design agencies in Bolton and London, part of the big corporate political world. Top class designer and art director, working for huge businesses and making lots of money, dating lots of hot girls. But he felt like there was something missing. He wasn’t able to truly do what he should be doing.

Working for People|Tim Marner Creative Agency Manchester

Working for People

So that’s why he quit his big design agency job, to work with people that mattered, clients who meant something, who are now our friends that we care about. To work day in day out on projects that are important to someone, where daydreams are unchained and our ideas are listened to, free to be as creative as we can be. And guess what? We are still a top design agency, and we are still dating lots of hot girls.

How Do you Like us Now?|Tim Marner Creative Agency Manchester

How Do you Like us Now?

And that’s why we say to everyone - dream of big things, and go for it. Dream it, love it, and make it happen. And just enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Because dating, branding, working, breathing and living - they’re all about having fun. That teacher who told Tim to stop daydreaming, also told him he’d never accomplish anything - Well how do you like us now Mr. Park?


Creative Agency Manchester | Tim Marner Brand Photography

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Creative Director

I’m the rebel. The bad boy. The one who everyone just wants to be, or be with. The one who can rock your world. Art direction, branding, design. Wingman. Alibis. Whatever. Everything and anything. But you know this by now, you’ve read this far. So we’re going on a first date right? But if you need to do a background check before that, keep clicking.

Creative Agency Bolton | Lee | Tim Marner Brand Photography

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Digital Creative Director

Lee's the smart, geeky one. Ingenious and gifted, he’s the man that can. The kind of guy who might take you on a date you don’t expect, but suits your personality down to a tee. He’ll get inside your head, pick your brain apart and come back with some awe-inspiring technology that melts your head, and creates a sensational website that just gets who you are.

Creative Agency Bolton | Kay | Tim Marner Brand Photography

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Head Of Photography & Video

The Troll Hunter, Unicorn Breeder and Rainbow Chaser for Tim Marner. She’s the Creative Minion, the one who's mission is to give your story a happy ending. You know the one the arty farty girl at school, whose glass is always half full of unicorn milk. She’ll bake you fairy cakes, which she still believes are made from real fairies. Peace and love dude.

Creative Agency Bolton | Gaz | Tim Marner Brand Photography

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Head Of Design

Gaz is the game player. The rule breaker. You know you're not the only one, but do you really care when he makes you look and feel so good? When he casts his creative line, your hooked, line, and sinker. He listens to you and understands you, then makes you the center of attention. Numero uno. Interested? Of course, you are. Don’t hate the player…

Creative Agency Bolton | Chloe | Tim Marner Brand Photography

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Accounts Manager

Chloe is the one who will take care of you and do all the planning, so you don’t have to. She’s the organized, reliable one, making sure everything in our business relationship goes to perfection. The keen one who will text and ring you to see if you're alright, even if you don’t reply. She’s the one who will send you flowers when all goes to plan.


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Junior Creative

Will is the James Milner of our Tim Marner team, comfortable in any position he finds himself in. After years of dedication, perseverance, blood, sweat and tears, Tim and Gaz added to their already impressive roster of accolades by finally getting this young creative ready for the big bad design world. Will did okay too! Despite nursing a mild monster addiction, we're excited to see just how far Will can go.